Design Philosophy

One of the fundamental elements in any good design, totally independent of functionality, is its aesthetic quality. My philosophy is that imitation is limitation, and being inspired by existing work then making extreme efforts to improve on such is the key to successful design.

These were the wise words spoken to me on my frist day as I entered the field of design.

Picasso took a brush and made the world feel. Rodin picked up a chisel and made the world think. What I/You/We will do with bytes is yet to be realized. But we are in the new Renaissance, where cutting-edge software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash helps deliver your wildest ideas into mediums even the old masters hadn't conceived - imagery for the web, design for the printed page, and enhanced photography in and outside the darkroom. We are the ones to awe the world.

David Nero-Dowe

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